Guacamelee Gold Edition Comes To GOG.Com August 29


Guacamelee, the hit 2D Metroidvania-style game from indie developer DrinkBox Studios, will make its way onto the popular downloadable game service tomorrow, August 29th. The release will come in the form of Guacamelee Gold Edition, a compilation of the original game and additional DLC from the PlayStation 3 and Vita versions that was released on Steam earlier this month. There’s something unique about this release, though – the GOG version of Guacamelee will be DRM-free for the first time, as well.

This release will cost players $14.99 to purchase, and as part of a launch promotion, not only will the game sport a 10% discount, but early buyers will also get a free copy of DrinkBox’s previous game, Tales from Space: Mutant Blobs Attack, which is also DRM-free.

Guacamelee is a great title, and hopefully the allure of no DRM and having the DLC included will convince those who haven’t hopped on its bandwagon to finally try the game out.

Tell us, have you played Guacamelee yet? If not, does the new deal on tempt you?