Let’s Guess What’s Next For Mass Effect 3

Now that the ending of Mass Effect 3 has been fixed, (from my perspective at least), it’s time to look towards the future. As BioWare releases wave after wave of multiplayer DLC, eventually there’ll be new single player DLC. Is this a hint of things to come?

Joystiq snapped the above picture at Comic Con this past week, which was shown at an EA panel. It appears to show a Cerberus Atlas and some unknown planet’s surface. Sort of looks like it’s underwater. Or something is on fire on the right there.

This could be linked to the recently leaked Leviathan DLC, but details are scarce. I suspect we’ll find out soon though.

Although, I don’t know why anyone would bother speculating. Clearly Shepard and the crew are heading to an underwater planet where they’ll perform a song and dance number with a group of anthropomorphic animals, right? That has to be it.