Guest Character General RAAM Available Now For Killer Instinct


Surprise! Killer Instinct developer Iron Galaxy Studios has not only confirmed that General RAAM is a guest character in their beat ’em up, but also simultaneously released the Locust brute on the Xbox One and Windows 10 versions of the game starting right now.

Retaining his appearance from the original Gears Of War, RAAM is ridiculously massive in comparison to Killer Instinct‘s existing roster, standing several feet taller than fan favorite Jago. Brandishing a gnarly-looking dagger and accompanied by the infinitely-annoying Kryll, the general isn’t messing about as he plunges the blade into the torso of his opponents.

Look to the top of this post for RAAM’s debut trailer or, see below for Iron Galaxy’s own description of the monster.

Merciless. Fearless. Massive. Cunning. An opponent that all fear to face. Now that feared enemy, General RAAM, has arrived in the Killer Instinct universe.

Source: YouTube