Guillermo Del Toro Is Still Not A Fan Of Konami


In what is fast becoming something of a signature jibe, Guillermo del Toro took to Twitter over the festive period to say “f**k Konami” with regards to the company’s handling of both Hideo Kojima and the canned Silent Hills reboot.

It’s by no means the first time that the illustrious Hollywood filmmaker has expressed his contempt for Konami, after labelling the company’s decision to scrap Silent Hills “one of the most moronic things” he’s ever witnessed. Now, del Toro holds a role in Death Stranding, the upcoming PS4 exclusive in development at Kojima Productions. Little is known about the nebulous project nor the extent of del Toro’s involvement in it, but after unveiling two bat-shit insane trailers, it’s fair to say that Hideo Kojima and his team have piqued the industry’s curiosity – and then some.

With regards to Guillermo del Toro’s latest jibe, GameSpot captured the Tweet as it was sent out on Christmas Day:


Konami is yet to release any form of response at the time of writing and, truth be told, isn’t likely to do so anytime soon. Amid the fallout of Silent Hills receiving the ax, the Japanese publisher stressed that it remains committed to fostering new entries into its flagship horror series, while there’s also the zombie-infested spinoff Metal Gear Survive – another franchise that once sported Hideo Kojima’s name on the masthead – simmering in development

Guillermo del Toro, meanwhile, recently helped shepherd Trollhunters onto Netflix. All 26 episodes of the fantastical animation are available to stream right now.