New Guinness World Record Set For Dance, Dance, Revolution

On July 28th, Carrie Swidecki, a 35 year old public school teacher from Bakersfield, CA, broke the previously set world record on Dance, Dance, Revolution. The previous record was 13 hours 33 minutes 56 seconds, set in the United Kingdom during October, 2010. Swidecki broke the Guinness World Record for Longest Marathon on a Dance / Rhythm Game. While playing Dance, Dance, Revolution in Charleston, West Virginia, she broke the record, earning a time of 15 hours, 17 minutes and 44 seconds.

“I couldn’t be more excited to have broken the Guinness World Record playing Dance, Dance, Revolution,” said Carrie Swidecki, Physical Education teacher at Sandrini Elementary School in Bakersfield, CA. “I started playing Dance, Dance, Revolution 10 years ago and when I saw that it was helping me become more physically fit, I integrated it into my physical education program at school and the students love it. Since then, I’ve become more active, lost 75 pounds and won the Guinness World Record!”

Konami‘s second annual Dance, Dance, Revolution West Virginia State Championship Tournament and the inaugural Childhood Obesity Summit was held on July 28th with the hopes of helping fight childhood obesity.

After having trained nonstop for six months, Ms. Swidecki showed the kids at the tournament how it’s done, dancing the day away on Dance, Dance, Revolution for over 15 hours straight.

“We are extremely proud of Carrie for having set a new world record playing Dance, Dance, Revolution,” said Shinji Hirano, President of KONAMI. “Her determination and prowess are truly admirable and we encourage everyone to take a cue from Carrie and enjoy Dance, Dance, Revolution and other active games to have fun and achieve a more healthy lifestyle.”

Once done, Carrie spent the rest of her time at the tournament encouraging the children to keep going, sharing tips and talking to them about the benefits of exer-gaming as a fun and healthy alternative to exercising and playing sports.

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