New Guitar Hero Live Trailer Confirms Vocals And More


As Guitar Hero Live inches closer to its October 20 release date, Activision and developer FreeStyleGames have released a new trailer that both details some already announced features and introduces some new ones for both of the primary modes, the titular Guitar Hero Live and the streaming DLC service GHTV.

The main campaign will see the player experiencing a first-person view as the guitarist for various bands, including the British group Sound Dial and the American group Rock the Block, with different venues and characters for each one. GHTV, meanwhile, will boast numerous channels that can be switched between at any time that offer a large and ever-expanding amount of songs and genres.

Both modes will also have their fair share of unlockables, with GHTV making use of a leveling-up system that unlocks currency to spend on things like alternate guitar skins and various power-ups. A one-on-one versus mode similar to older Guitar Hero entries will also be unlockable, as will local co-op for two guitars.

Finally, it was confirmed that gameplay for vocals will be available once again, with a friend using a microphone to sing while someone else plays guitar, though it remains unclear if the option will be available in single player.

Tell us, are you looking forward to rocking out when Guitar Hero Live releases? Sound off below!

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