Guns, Gangs And Gravity Take Center Stage In First Gameplay Teaser For Cliff Bleszinski’s New IP Lawbreakers


Guns, gangs and gravity will act as the three fundamental pillar in Lawbreakers, the all-new IP coming by way of Cliff Bleszinski (of Gears of War fame) and Boss Key studios.

Pegged for a release at some point in 2016, the project was unveiled by the company during a Twitch livestream two days ago, and now we have the official gameplay trailer to boot. Boss Key’s title is in essence an arena-based shooter, which has quickly become one of the hottest trends of the moment in the wake of Battleborn and Blizzard’s Overwatch.

But there’s a story tying the on-screen mayhem together. Set in the year 2105, Lawbreakers imagines a society that has lived through an event known as The Shattering. When the world’s leading governments begin mysterious testing on the moon, it leads to our rocky neighbour cracking in two, radically altering the gravity on planet Earth.

Naturally, this alternate future serves up ample room for novel gameplay, with Bleszinski teasing grappling hooks and other equipment that can turn the tide of battle in the blink of an eye. In keeping with the genre, Lawbreakers also boasts a range of character classes, and today’s hyper-kinetic trailer details their individual powers and perks.

Lawbreakers will arrive in 2016, though there’s nary a mention of platforms at this stage. For now, you can check out the confirmed classes down below.

Kitsune – “A fast, highly maneuverable melee fighter with deadly precision. She excels when she can get up close and personal, preferring to catch her opponents by surprise. Although she is not well-suited to tackling opponents head-on, what she lacks in durability she more than makes up for in damage output and mobility.”

Maverick – “An extremely mobile and highly stylized combatant. Maverick is what you would get if you strapped armor made from an F-15 Fighter Jet onto a Spec Ops soldier. Maverick uses her jets to take to the sky and quickly move around the battlefield, raining down death with her Vulcan Gatling cannon and massively destructive Starfall ability, which allows her to take flight, then plummet, dealing massive damage to anyone caught in the blast.”

Breacher – “As a well-rounded soldier, Breacher performs well in nearly any situation. His run-and-gun gameplay is well suited for novice and experienced FPS players alike. His assault rifle and sidearm have powerful and unique abilities, but still manage to feel comfortable and easy to use. Breacher excels at quickly subduing opponents and effectively supporting teammates.”

Cronos – “An absolute brute. High durability and damage output, but very low mobility. Cronos charges the front lines, soaking damage for his allies and dishing out twice as much with his rocket launcher and ricochet grenades. Most opponents will want to stay as far away from Cronos as possible. If he gets too close to you, it’s probably too late. you’re already dead.

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