Guns Of Icarus Fulfils Your Zeppelin Based Carnage Needs

I like zeppelins. I like the mechanics, I like how easily they lend themselves to steam punk culture, I like how they’re goblin-friendly, I like how they’re used in the music videos when metal gods move on to their third lesser known band, hell I even like saying the word “zeppelin.” Zeppelin. It’s a giggle friendly word. Where was I going with this, oh yes. With my aforementioned love of our heavier than air flying machines, I’m kind of ashamed I haven’t been following Guns of Icarus Online as closely as I should be.

Guns of Icarus Online plays out as a steampunk airship combat simulator set in a post-apocalyptic world where World War 1 never really ended. The world has been ravaged and technological/cultural development as grinded to a sudden halt leaving behind anyone who hasn’t made the effort to relearn the past. It’s up to you and your class-based crew to reclaim whatever bit of normalcy you can. Spend time flying from town to town while trading and collecting resources while at the same time battling pirates or become one yourself.

Guns of Icarus Online is set to launch sometime in August, however the closed beta for anyone who had supported their Kickstarter will be ready in the next week or two with an open beta quick to follow.

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