Gut Games’ Delta Legend – Magic Of The Blues Goes Live On Kickstarter


Gut Games have taken to Kickstarter as they attempt to complete their brand new title: Delta Legend – Magic Of The Blues. Set to be a mysterious adventure set in between the human world and another inhabited by little demons, the game will blend exciting gameplay with a classic, Bluesy soundtrack.

A trailer made up of pre-alpha footage demonstrates a lot of what will make Delta Legend so charmingly appealing. Its early clips show the partnership of the three playable demons and their musical talents, as well as showcasing the friendship they forge with a struggling Blues musician.

The early synopsis for the game paints the following picture:

Delta Legend tells the story of three little demons who have peacefully played muse to the realm of humans as long as memory serves. When their lives are drastically changed following the overthrow of their home-realm, Pandemonium, they must enlist the help of a troubled bluesman to restore order both in human and demon worlds. Capable of crossing back and forth at the crossroads, the place where two worlds meet, the band must use the power of music to defeat enemies and complete quests.

It’s an intriguing premise to be sure, and anyone excited by the idea will be glad to note that Delta Legend – Magic Of The Blues has started its Kickstarter campaign very well in the first 24 hours. If you’re looking for more information or feel compelled to back the project, you can check it out here.