Hacking Group ‘Anonymous’ Promising To Harass Sony

A hacking group named ‘Anonymous’ has posted the following message on their website, warning Sony that they are now the new targets. This is a result of the legal rumbling involving George Hotz (Geohot to some). After boasting how he’d cracked the PS3 wide open causing Sony to pursue legal action, Anonymous are now threatening to attack Sony in support of George. The battle has been raging for months and months with increasing intensity.

The hacking group/team are rumoured to be responsible for various web attacks on various companies included Amazon and Visa. The angry post on their website reads as follows:

“Congratulations, Sony… You are now receiving the attention of Anonymous. Your recent legal actions against fellow internet citizens, GeoHot and Graf_Chokolo have been deemed an unforgivable offense against free speech and internet freedom…You have abused the judicial system in an attempt to censor information about how your products work. You have victimised your own customers merely for possessing and sharing information, and continue to target those who seek this information…In doing so you have violated the privacy of thousands of innocent people who only sought the free distribution of information…Your suppression of this information is motivated by corporate greed and the desire for complete control over the actions of individuals who purchase and use your products, at least when those actions threaten to undermine the corrupt stranglehold you seek to maintain over copywrong, oops, ‘copyright’.”

“Your corrupt business practices are indicative of a corporate philosophy that would deny consumers the right to use products they have paid for, and rightfully own, in the manner of their choosing. Perhaps you should alert your customers to the fact that they are apparently only renting your products? In light of this assault on both rights and free expression, Anonymous, the notoriously handsome rulers of the internet, would like to inform you that you have only been ‘renting’ your web domains. Having trodden upon Anonymous’ rights, you must now be trodden on.”

“If you disagree with the disciplinary actions against your private parts domains, then we trust you can also understand our motivations for these actions. You own your domains. You paid for them with your own money. Now Anonymous is attacking your private property because we disagree with your actions. And that seems, dare we say it, ‘wrong.’ Sound familiar?”

As of yet we are unsure how Sony will respond, but this could get even messier. We’ll keep you posted.

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