Hail to the King, Baby! Duke Nukem Forever: Balls of Steel Edition Announced


Like I said: Hail to the king, baby! Gearbox and 2K Games have revealed quite the special edition package for the long-awaited Duke Nukem Forever. And why not? After more than twelve ****ing years, it should be. (Okay, so I had to say it…)

Anyway, the appropriately named Balls of Steel package contains more than your fair share of the average collectors edition goods. There’s a radiation symbol logo sticker; dice with the radiation symbol for the ones; a full, 100 page history, legacy and legend hardcover book; a collectable comic book; a collectible bust of Duke Nukem himself (complete with a numbered certificate of authenticity); and of course, there’s the game itself. And that’s just a short list of what’s in the box, so check out the full list and see for yourself (or take a quick glance at the picture above).

Not bad for someone whose very return set the devil loose on a freeze torture day and who has also launched “pig cops” into the sky, don’t you think?

At any rate, here’s the full, uncensored list that follows:

– Collectible bust of the greatest alien ass-kicker of all-time
– Numbered, limited-edition certificate of authenticity
– 100-page hardcover book: The History, Legacy & Legend: Duke Nukem Forever Art from the Vault
– postcard series
– radioactive emblem sticker
– collectable comic book
– foldable paper craft
– poker chips
– mini-card deck
– radioactive emblem dice

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