Half-Life 3 rumors strike again

Half-Life 2

It looks like there’s a possibility we could see a Half-Life 3 sometime in the future. Sure, this is the 100th time this rumor is being floated around, but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible.

Sure, we’ve all been hurt by these rumors before and sure, Half-Life 2 came out almost twenty years ago but you never know!

The last game we got in the Half-Life universe was 2020’s Half-Life: Alyx, and even though it was a VR game, it still looked really great and helped to renew interest in the franchise.Youtuber and game insider Tyler McVicker recently released a video and provided some updates and info about what’s going on at Valve.

“The end of Half-Life: Alyx for those who haven’t played it heavily hints towards the continuation of Gordon Freeman’s story,” McVicker said.

There is a small group working on Half-Life 3, he said, but most of Valve’s resources are getting thrown at the Steam Deck, which has been really popular for the company.

That doesn’t necessarily mean that the game will come out any time soon, or at all, however. Valve gives employees a lot of leeway on what they work on creatively but it doesn’t sound like the company is giving Half-Life 3 a lot of focus. In fact, McVicker said that the employees working on the game are not seen as “Value-generating” studio members, so the project isn’t a high-level priority.

However, we do know that Valve is working on a different Half-Life game called Half-Life Citadel. This new game will be an FPS/RTS hybrid, kind of like the Left 4 Dead series, McVicker said. “It’s being created with the Steam deck in mind,” he said.

What does all of this mean? Valve seems to be very interested in continuing to create stories in the Half-Life universe, it just might not come in the form of a direct sequel to the standalone Half-Life games.

Honestly, that might be better. Twenty years is long enough.