Halloween-Appropriate Fourth Game Coming To Some PlayStation Plus Markets

PlayStation Plus, the monthly subscription service of Playstation Network that allows users to gain access to a handful of games a month at no extra cost, disappointed some North American fans for its apparent lack of horror-themed titles to accompany October.

But while Hell Let Loose for PlayStation 5 and Mortal Kombat X and PGA Tour 2K21 for PS4 were announced as the official line up here in the United States for PlayStation Plus subscribers, it seems some international regions will be treated to a fourth, decidedly thematically appropriate title for Halloween, Castlevania Requiem, a compilation title of Symphony of the Night and Rondo of Blood.

GameRant reported that Sony’s announcement is for PlayStation Plus players in Asia only.

While its certainly disappointing to some that a title revolving around Count Dracula himself, as well as his half-vampire descendent, Alucard, and their battle with the Belmont family, won’t hit stateside, perhaps they can find solace in the fact that you can still get your Castlevania fix any number of ways for a few extra bones.

For instance, Requiem is available for standalone purchase on PS4 and the Castlevania Advance Collection, which is a compilation of three often overlooked but uniformly praised Game Boy Advance titles and one Super Nintendo game is now available for Nintendo Switch.

Though Hell Let Loose had a relatively positive reception as part of the PlayStation Plus lineup, it is only available to PS5 subscribers, and many fans were still underwhelmed at the other two titles, a golf game and a Mortal Kombat entry that’s not even the latest in the series.