Halloween Comes To Epic Games’ Paragon On October 11 With Spooky New Character Skins


Developers releasing paid DLC for games that have yet to see an official release appears to be a trend that’s growing in popularity for certain studios, with Gears of War creator Epic Games being one such advocate of the model with their latest title Paragon.

The upcoming PlayStation 4 and PC exclusive MOBA has been available to play for a while now by way of early access and beta periods, with new characters, modes and balance changes being introduced on a regular basis.

Epic has yet to confirm a final release date for Paragon, but while we wait for that, the studio has announced a new Halloween event – Shadow’s Eve – that’s due to kick off tomorrow, bringing with it several new character skins and a Twitch promotion.

From October 11-24, players who link their Twitch and Paragon accounts will be in with a chance to bag themselves any of the six new skins, with the only requirement being to watch or hold your own Paragon stream. All winners will be notified by direct message.

If you miss out on the above promotion for whatever reason, all skins will go on sale from October 25 to November 6. Anyone who logs in to Paragon during the event will receive a Dock-o-Lantern Murdock skin that can be permanently unlocked by linking your Twitch account.

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