Halo 4 Infinity Multiplayer Detailed

I have to admit, I’m slightly skeptical on Halo 4. And who wouldn’t be? The fathers of the franchise aren’t working on the game, so it’s entirely up in the air on whether it’ll carry that same magic or not. At least the details of the Infinity Multiplayer mode seem to be fairly appealing.

The Spartan Ops mode will carry across the story of the campaign mode, featuring weekly episodic DLC focusing around the story of the crew of the UNSC Infinity, seen above. These missions specifically are meant as co-op for 1-4 players.

The competitive mode, entitled War Games, will feature the classic Halo online services, along with extensive progression and customization options. Some of these include armor enhancements and access to certain skills.

I have to say, the co-op stuff in particular has me very interested. It’s unknown if you’ll have to pay any sort of fee or whatnot for the weekly updates, or have any kind of subscription a la Call Of Duty Elite.

What say you, gamers? Are you still worried?

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