Halo 5: Guardians Weighs In At 60GB On Xbox One As Launch Trailer Blasts Online


In a fortnight’s time, Xbox One owners eager to pick up Halo 5: Guardians may have some content management to do before they can set foot in 343 Industries’ hotly-anticipated space sequel. That’s because, according to packaged copies appearing online, the studio’s shooter will require “up to 60GB” of free space.

IGN published a report that appears to verify the file size, which would certainly make Guardians one of the heftiest console titles on the market. This could not only present problems to those planning on downloading the game on October 27, but considering that the Limited Collector’s Edition (priced at $249.99) comes packing a digital code for Halo 5: Guardians, it’s little wonder why Microsoft chose to offer a physical copy as a substitute.


News of Guardians‘ file size arrives in tandem with the game’s pulse-pounding launch trailer. Mapping out the core conflict between Master Chief and Jameson Locke (of Halo: Nightfall fame), the footage does a solid job of getting fans up to speed on the actual storyline.

From there, the action kicks into overdrive, offering up an extended look at the refined gameplay of Halo 5, which sees Spartans, Covenant, and Forerunners all engaging in some good old-fashioned space chaos. There’s also a fleeting shot of Nathan Fillion’s Gunnery Sergeant Edward Buck, returning to the fray to hunt Master Chief after his brief role in Halo 3.

Calling Master Chief’s loyalty into question, 343 is creating a much darker, almost introspective tale for Halo 5: Guardians, with Spartan Locke plotting course to “hunt the Master Chief and solve a mystery that threatens the entire galaxy.” So, you know, no pressure.

343 Industries will release Halo 5: Guardians exclusively for Xbox One on October 27.