Halo: Anniversary Pre-Orders A Grunt Funeral

Better known simply as Master Chief, the masked badass known as John 117, is no stranger to attending grunt funerals. In fact, he’s usually the cause of them. For some reason, those little guys never learn and they’re always in the line of fire from a blaster, pistol or machine gun. Even worse, there’s the odd plasma grenade that has no objection when asked to blow them to smithereens.

Those who pre-order Halo: Anniversary will receive an exclusive skull known as Grunt Funeral. It’s a strange title for a very explosive little cheat. You see; instead of having grunts just keel over when shot, every single one of them will explode like they’ve been taken out by a plasma grenade buried within. Look forward to a visceral treat at the end of each magazine. If those little grunts weren’t so annoying, I’d feel bad for them.

In addition to that plasma-infused skull, early adopters can also look forward to what is arguably a more interesting pre-order bonus. At least, for those who care about what their XBOX 360 avatar looks like. A second code will be included on the pre-order slip, allowing those who wish to look like Master Chief to do just that – in virtual confines of course. The task will be accomplished via a full suit of avatar armor.

Boom goes the grunt!

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