Halo Wars 2 PC Beta Has Been Confirmed


Xbox One players have been enjoying the beta of Halo Wars 2 since Monday, but there thus far, there hasn’t been any word on whether or not PC gamers would get their turn as well. Today though, we’re learning that those without a console will also get their chance to beta test developer 343’s new real time strategy game just as soon as the console players are finished with it.

343’s Studio Chief, Dan Ayoub, has said that the current beta was released to test for bugs and other performance issues as opposed to just generating buzz.

We will have another beta that will be PC that people can hop in on…This will be closer to launch. We will react to it. We have really good tuning tools that will allow us to react to feedback quickly.

It’s true that betas are often used to promote games before launch these days. Considering the growing list of day 1 launch problems and bugs, it’s refreshing to see a developer going through the usual channels to make sure their product is as polished as possible before release. Multiple rounds of true beta testing ensures that the title will be more than just a port from the Xbox One to the PC or vice versa.

While the specific date of the PC beta test was not revealed, dedicated fans should expect it soon. After all, we’re sure 343 will want a full report from gamers of any issues Halo Wars 2 might have before its release on February 21st.

Source: Shack News