Halo’s Arbiter Brings The Pain In His Reveal Trailer For Killer Instinct


Halo‘s most popular alien warrior – The Arbiter – is taking a break from exploring ring worlds and engaging in passive aggressive conversation with the human race – he’s opted to go kick some ass in Killer Instinct instead. We don’t blame him, sometimes you’ve just got to let it all out by slicing people to bits with a sizzling Energy Sword.

The trailer – posted on Iron Galaxy’s YouTube channel, showcases the lumbering Sanghellian’s combat prowess and abilities while behind him, a squad of Covenant Elite’s engage in battle in real time. If this is how the Arbiter’s stage works in the final version, it’ll be tough to decide what part of the action to focus on first.

Anyway, Arbiter’s the important part here, not that you could really miss him, he’s bloody huge – making Thunder look the size of a toddler in comparison.


In terms of versatility, it looks as if the guest character’s very much a ground combatant that specializes in keeping his opponents on the same level as him through use of a strong rushdown and anti-air game. Besides the Energy Sword, Arbiter also has access to a Carbine Rifle to shoot those trying to jump in down to the floor where he can deal with them more easily.

At this stage, he looks like a combination between the strength and defensive qualities of Glacius, spliced with the mobility of Aria. Obviously, that makes him sound overpowered as hell, but we’re sure there’ll be a kink in his armor to exploit somewhere.

Arbiter’s the second guest character and third overall to be officially announced for Killer Instinct‘s third season – which is due to kick-off in March.

Iron Galaxy’s going all-out for the newest addition to the game, it seems. Earlier today, the studio announced its plans to overhaul the beat ’em up’s visuals and lighting systems to bring them in line with today’s technology.

Source: YouTube

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