Hanzo Is The Legolas Of Blizzard’s Overwatch In New Gameplay Clip


Meet Hanzo, the stealthy sharpshooter that is one of the playable characters within Blizzard’s upcoming, Team Fortress-esque hero shooter, Overwatch.

To date, the gaming giant has revealed the archer alongside McCree, Zarya, and Zenyatta, though it is Hanzo that takes the spotlight in a new and extensive gameplay clip for the new IP. As you’d imagine, the clip showcases the character’s special abilities, which include the power to run along walls.

Running at a buttery smooth 60 frames-per-second, the footage is lifted from Overwatch‘s ongoing pre-alpha testing, with Blizzard planning to drag the title into open beta in time for August. Fans eager to give the shooter a run for its money prior to release can toss their name into the hat via the company’s official webpage.

As the first new franchise in close to 17 years, some would say that Blizzard’s latest is a welcome change of pace for the company, and considering that characters from Overwatch are included in the MOBA Heroes of the Storm, it’s evident that the prestigious publisher is hoping to massage the new IP into a bona fide series alongside the likes of Starcraft and World of Warcraft.

Expect much more from Overwatch as Blizzard’s ambitious new shooter prepares itself for an open beta in the summer. In the meantime, you can let us know whether you’re excited for the new title down below.