Harmonix Announces Rock Band Rivals, New Fender Jaguar Controller


Harmonix announced today that they will be releasing Rock Band Rivals, an expansion to last year’s Rock Band 4, this fall. Included in the expansion are all new modes of play that have never been seen in a Rock Band game before, offering even experienced players new ways to blister their fingers. To coincide with the launch of this expansion, Harmonix will also be releasing a brand new guitar controller modeled after the Fender Jaguar.

The new Fender Jaguar controller will come equipped with all the classic features players have come to expect, but will now be “foldable.” Harmonix designed the controller to be as portable and efficient as possible, making the Fender Jaguar perfect to lug over to a friend’s house or to be stored easily in your home. Not only that, but they’ll also be selling a stand specifically built for the Fender Jaguar controller which will allow you to display your controller on your wall and will simultaneously charge its batteries.

Harmonix didn’t specify what the new modes of play will be, but teased that they “can’t wait to share more about Rock Band Rivals in the near future.” Considering how quickly the genre grew stale, here’s hoping Rock Band Rivals can reinvigorate the franchise and give us reason to rock out with our friends again.

Source: Harmonix