Harmonix Delays Amplitude To Summer


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In an update via the game’s Kickstarter page, developer Harmonix has announced plans to delay its revamped musical racer Amplitude, pushing the crowdfunded title from its original March date into the summer.

This postponement is in large part thanks to the developer acclimatizing to current-gen hardware, though it promises such a delay will give the creative team the perfect platform to create “new, awesome content.”

“This is our first time working on PlayStation 4, and it’s been a big learning experience for the team,” explained Harmonix in a Kickstarter post. “We’ve put a lot of work into our proprietary engine to support some of the new, awesome content we’re bringing to the reboot. These factors combined have bumped production out a few additional months.”

Amplitude first reached its Kickstarter goal back in May of last year, exceeding its pledge goal of $775,000. Such a feat now means that the rhythm-based title is on its way to PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4, just a little later than originally planned.

Another interesting tidbit that came to the fore over the past few days was word of a new Rock Band game. First picked up by GameSpot, it appears Harmonix is at least contemplating revisiting the series, after it released an “important” survey to members of the fan base. Here’s an update from the studio:

“From time to time, it’s important for us to reach out directly to our audience to see what they’re most interested in and excited about,” a Harmonix representative told GameSpot. “We’re always thinking about it, as well as actively supporting the community. What the plans for the future are remain to be seen, but feedback from our fans is always valuable; we appreciate folks taking time out to let us know what they’re thinking.”

It’s an enticing proposition, given how successful the Rock Band was for a very brief time. Circling back to Amplitude, however, and it’s understood that the studio is planning on bringing a new build of the game to PAX, replete with a polished multiplayer mode. Harmonix’s revamped music title is now expected to arrive in the summer.

Source: GameSpot

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