Harmonix Has More New IPs In The Works

Harmonix, the developers behind both the Dance Central and the Rock Band series, has revealed that they have several completely new games currently in the works. In a recent episode of the company’s official podcast, communications director John Drake hinted at several major projects besides Dance Central 3 and Rock Band Blitz.

The secret projects will not be related to any of the previous games or franchises established by Harmonix, Drake said.

“It’s not a previous game. It’s not Led Zeppelin Rock Band. This isn’t – I’m not talking about Rock Band 4. I’m not talking about the next Dance Central game. I’m talking about new, crazy stuff.”

It was also revealed that these titles may not all be strictly music/rhythm games, which has been the company’s standard genre for years:

“Some of them are music games, some of them are not full-on rhythm action games. Some of them are brand new things that we created from our gut and brains here at Harmonix. Some are things that we’re expanding the universe of,” said Drake, who finished by saying that the company hopes to reveal more details about these mystery titles sometime next year.

Considering that it has already been hinted that the studio has at least two secret titles in the works, Drake’s statements make a lot of sense. Harmonix has produced a lot of quality rhythm games in the past, and it will be interesting to see how they plan to evolve and branch out in the future.

As always, we will keep you updated on any more announcements from the company.

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