Harmonix Says Rock Band 4 For PC Isn’t Off The Table


Earlier today, conflicting reports began to surface relating to the unannounced PC version of Rock Band 4, with some suggesting that Harmonix was ruling out any possibility of bringing the musical reboot to the platform due to “piracy concerns.” However, the studio has released a statement to Eurogamer addressing the issue, stating that a PC port isn’t off the table.

Per Harmonix:

We’re not concerned about software piracy on PC. We have and will release games for PC. In fact, last year we released A City Sleeps for PC, Mac, and Linux. As Daniel stated, the security in question is related to licensed music in the game. PlayStation 4 and Xbox One have robust functionality in that area. It’s added security that’s handled by the platform holders.

In the case of more open platforms like PC, we’re responsible for that. It’s something we can build. It’s not off the table for the future, however we’re first focusing on delivering Rock Band 4 for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One this holiday.

Throughout the franchise’s history, Rock Band has always found a home amongst the console audience, though with the impending release of Valve’s console-esque Steam Machines, there’s an opportunity for Harmonix to explore a PC port should the opportunity present itself. Of course, the largest hurdle facing Rock Band 4‘s potential transition to PC lies with music rights holders, with PlayStation 4 and Xbox One operating under a “closed network” and therefore lending Harmonix’s partners peace of mind.

It’s not an insurmountable challenge, mind you, but the level of interest for a PC port would need to outweigh the costs associated with expanding the rights to include the platform in question – a predicament Harmonix will gauge once the PS4 and Xbox One versions are out in the wild.

Set for a release later this year across PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, Harmonix will likely have a big presence for Rock Band 4 at E3 2015.

Source: Eurogamer