Harmonix Set To Announce New Game Tomorrow


The Massachusetts-based developer Harmonix has long been known for creating several hit game series focused on music and rhythm in the past, such as Guitar Hero, Rock Band, and Dance Central. After the releases of Rock Band Blitz and Dance Central 3 last year, things have been quiet from the company as far as new game announcements – but starting tomorrow, that won’t be the case.

The official Harmonix Facebook and Twitter feeds were updated today with a tantalizing bit of information, that being the news that the company is set to reveal a brand-new game project some time tomorrow. Even more interesting is the fact that this mysterious new game will not be a new entry in either the Rock Band or Dance Central series, but apparently something completely new.

No additional information is available at the moment, with even the possibility of the game not being music-oriented still unclear, as the only response that the Harmonix Twitter account gave when asked about the genre was, “You’ll have to stay tuned tomorrow to find out.” In other words, fans of the company have one day to go hog-wild with theories about what the new game is before the official announcement goes up.

As a fan of the company since the days of their PlayStation 2 titles Frequency and Amplitude, I can safely say I’m interested in seeing what new franchises they can possibly come out with. I’ve spent countless hours with their games in the past, be they played with a controller, microphone, plastic instrument, or the Kinect, and with luck, whatever they plan on revealing tomorrow will follow suit, be it rhythm-related or not.

We will be sure to post news on the reveal when it goes up sometime tomorrow. In the meantime, feel free to post your predictions and Harmonix-related thoughts in the comments below.