Harvest Moon: Seeds Of Memories Takes Adorned Series Back To Its Roots; Slated For Wii U, PC And Mobile Platforms


It’s official: Natsume has formally confirmed that its beloved RPG farming simulator series Harvest Moon will migrate to PC, Wii U and mobile platforms later this year with Harvest Moon: Seeds of Memories.

Due for a release at some point this winter, Seeds of Memories marks the first time the franchise will be released for PC and Nintendo’s flagship console. Retaining the familiar rags-to-riches dynamic, players will be tasked with transforming a decrepit farm into a rural powerhouse, with side-quests including fishing, foraging, animal husbandry and even courting fellow farmers.

“From the farm to the town, we wanted Harvest Moon: Seeds of Memories to evoke the feeling of a classic Harvest Moon game with modern twists!” said Hiro Maekawa, President and CEO of Natsume Inc. “We’re also excited to finally bring the Harvest Moon series to the Nintendo Wii U, PC, and mobile platforms, where fans have definitely told us they want to see the series.”

Taking cues from the original Harvest Moon on Super Nintendo, Seeds of Memories will place a heavy emphasis on befriending villagers within the game, thus unlocking the titular items. Imbued with a tangible sense of nostalgia, Natsume is aiming to create a Harvest Moon experience that is at once a callback to the best tenets of the series all the while introducing novel new features.

It’ll be interesting to see whether the iOS and Android versions of Harvest Moon: Seeds of Memories are released as standard ports or as more of a companion title. After all, it’s no secret that the Wii U is lacking notable software, so we’re hoping the developer utilizes the console’s features enough to ensure that it is a unique gameplay experience.