Haunting Dark Souls III Launch Trailer Scurries Online


It was Melisandre that warned Game of Thrones fans that the night is dark and full of terrors, but Westeros’ Red Priestess has clearly never ventured into the Kingdom of Lothric. For in the Dark Souls III launch trailer, developer From Software casts light on the harrowing journey that awaits fans and newcomers alike – and it’s anything but sunshine and rainbows.

Celebrating the threequel’s arrival today, April 12, the snippet above is played against the sombre tones of “In the Woods Somewhere” by Hozier – a near-perfect fit for the trailer’s jet-black tone – offering a new look at gameplay, exploration and all of the ghastly boss battles that lie in wait.

Because in Dark Souls III, the Lords of Cinder have awakened from their prolonged slumber, forcing hunters out on a quest to discover the history behind the ancient beings, along with the scorched, apocalyptic land that was once considered their hunting grounds.

Retaining the old-school design of its predecessors – along with PS4 exclusive BloodborneDark Souls III has hit the ground running in critical circles, reaping the benefit of a wave of goodwill.

Our own Joshua Kowbel showered praise on Dark Souls III, holding the title up as the “magnum opus of From Software’s design” template. It’s available from today across PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC, but will you be pouring hours into the studio’s punishing RPG? Let us know below.