‘Hearth Fire’ Is The Latest Skyrim Reference To Be Trademarked



The latest Skyrim reference to fall within the sights of  Zenimax Media‘s trademarking tirade is non other than ‘Hearth Fire’. Referencing the conjuration skill book that forms part of the “2920” book series, as well as the Tamrielian month of September, this somewhat antiquated phrase from the real world has been reignited within the lands of Skyrim and has, as discovered by Fusible, now been submitted to the United States Patent and Trademark Office by Bethesda‘s parent company.

This pending patent is far from alone, with the company having previously filled trademark applications for both ‘Dragonborn’ and ‘Fus Ro Dah’, but no official announcements have been made regarding what, if anything, Bethesda plans to do with them all.

Whilst nothing more that mere speculation at this point, as we all know how trademark happy the company can be, the fact that Skyrim‘s first piece of DLC – ‘DawnGuard‘ – will be detailed at E3 next week, makes me think that it isn’t too much of a flight of fancy to hope that some ‘Hearth Fire’ themed additional content is awaiting us somewhere upon Skyrim‘s distant horizon.

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