There’s Going To Be A Heavy Metal Hell In The New Doom


Doom 2016

Gamers can expect an ear-shredding experience when they descend into the world of id Software’s upcoming shooter, Doom, later this year. In an interview for Game Informer’s February issue, the developers spoke of their over the top approach to the world-building and admitted to taking inspiration from the heavy metal-focused Brutal Legend.

The next instalment of the Doom franchise is set to arrive this year after an eleven year break, and id Software’s Marty Stratton Hugo Martin spoke with Game Informer about the inspiration and planning behind their upcoming title:

Rock ‘n’ roll was our inspiration for everything. There is a lot of heavy metal in our hell, and that is intentional […] When you look at the original Doom, we always said it looks like the kind of stuff a 15-year-old would draw on the back of his notebook during math class. We really wanted the world to look like that–to have a personality that would shine through in everything we did.

The interview also confirmed that, in-keeping with the series’ heritage, this new game will not have a particularly strict storyline to it. However, while player freedom will be fairly lenient, the duo did admit to adding a “pretty good mystery” to the mix for those who want to seek out a little more from their bloodthirsty action.

Doom is set to arrive this Spring and will be available for PS4, Xbox One and PC.

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