Heavy Rain Over Jurassic Park

The interesting thing about Telltale’s upcoming Jurassic Park game is that it’s said to be inspired by Heavy Rain, the widely popular PS3 exclusive. It turns out, Universal (who holds the rights to Jurassic Park) wants to stray away from another movie themed FPS.

Universal sought out Sam & Max creators Telltale for the job. Telltale has commented saying that they want to try and do something that hasn’t really been done before with Jurassic Park, as well as hinting on a new nocturnal dinosaur with burning red eyes. It is meant to be a direct sequel to the original film, but will have some events from the first movie.

As of now the gameplay is still being created. Like Heavy Rain, there will be a decision system effecting how the game will end and the character building will be slower paced. So far no release date has been mentioned, however we do know the game will be released in five episodes, on the PC and Mac.

I’m excited for this title, the genre itself makes you feel like you’re the leading role in a movie and adding Jurassic Park to the mix is plain overkill. Not to mention, I haven’t played a Jurassic Park game since I was throwing nets at raptors on the Super Nintendo.