Heavy Rain’s PS4 Remaster Officially Dated


Heavy Rain, Quantic Dream’s 2010 PlayStation 3 exclusive, received a lot of attention and praise upon release for its gritty and immersive story, branching story paths and endings, and generally pulling off the ‘interactive movie’ experience better than any of those old FMV games.

Now, those who missed out on the original release or want an excuse to revisit the game will soon get a new opportunity to play it, as Quantic Dream has just confirmed that a PlayStation 4 remaster will get a digital release on March 1.

This isn’t exactly shocking news, as the port was confirmed last year along with an already-released remaster of Quantic Dream’s follow-up Beyond: Two Souls, but it’s nice to finally have an actual date for the game.

Confirmed improvements include a jump to 1080p resolution instead of the original’s 720p, along with improved lighting, depth of field, motion blur, and other various graphical enhancements. Interestingly enough, March 1 will also bring the option to buy the remasters for both Heavy Rain and Beyond on one PS4 disc, but only in Europe and Latin America, with North American gamers limited to the standalone digital versions only.

PS4-owning fans of Telltale’s post-Walking Dead titles will definitely want to check out Heavy Rain if they haven’t before, as its emphasis on choice, less puzzle-centric adventure gameplay, and QTE action scenes were a definite inspiration for the developer’s work. It will also be interesting to see how newcomers take to solving crimes with VR goggles, going through extreme trials to save loved ones, and yes, even pressing X to ‘JASON!’

Source: VG247

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