Here’s Where To Go To Get The Best Loot In Apex Legends

Apex Legends

As anyone who’s played a battle royale game knows, the area you choose to begin in can decide the course of your entire match. Much as in other titles in the genre, Apex Legends has you begin empty-handed, so your first job should always be to grab yourself a gun and armor for those first few skirmishes.

I’d imagine that the majority of Apex Legends players will be familiar with Fortnite, and that game’s tactic of diving towards a building in search of loot works well enough here, though now we have an interactive map showing us precisely where to head for to find the best gear.

A new site – which you can visit via the link below – overlays the official map with data that indicates where you can find mid and high-tier loot. Judging by what’s been gathered so far, it looks like your best bet is to head to the small collection of buildings just to the west of the Wetlands area. That seems to have a 60% chance of discovering the game’s best weapons and equipment (though the bridge area to the south also seems very promising). I’m pleased to see that my usual starting area Skull Town is fairly highly rated, too.

Of course, now that this data’s out there, players will have to balance their hunger for their best weapons with the knowledge that these high-tier loot locations will inevitably become hotspots of activity, which could mean a very short round if you don’t get there first. Perhaps it might be better to opt for areas like Runoff and the Thunderdome, which pretty much guarantee mid-tier loot and should have a little less traffic.

This information is bound to update too as players learn the intricacies of the map. Plus, much like Fortnite, expect Respawn to be constantly fiddling with the map and adjusting it (or adding new ones entirely) based on player data.

Tell us, do you have a favorite drop site in Apex Legends? If so, we’d love to hear it. Though if you want to keep it secret that’s understandable, too.

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