Here’s What You Get In Gears Of War 4 If You’ve Played Any Previous Games In The Series


Gears of War 4 developer The Coalition has announced a couple of neat in-game bonuses for those who have played any previous entry in the third-person shooter series.

All Xbox Live Gold members who have logged into their account within the last 12 months and played either the original Gears of War, Gears of War 2, 3, Judgement or last year’s Ultimate Edition are eligible for the bonus items, and will receive a code via Xbox Live message to download the loot ready for release day next week.


So, what exactly are you looking at in the image above? We’ll get to what’s in that strange-looking briefcase in just a moment, but the first port of call is that rather regal-looking emblem. The First Wave logo, which features a Gear carrying an old COG banner, is available exclusively to those who have played previous Gears titles, and can be proudly displayed in your player profile. No code will be required to obtain the emblem and all relevant Gamertags will unlock it automatically.

The briefcase sitting at the bottom is the Bonus Operations Pack, a bundle of goodies that contain one guaranteed customization item (skins, decals, etc.) and four cards of any type, each of which bestow various benefits in-game.

Codes are being sent out today, so keep an eye on your inbox. Don’t fret if you’ve yet to receive yours – The Coalition says that they’re being sent out in batches.

Gears of War 4 launches for Xbox One and Windows 10 next week, October 11.