Here’s What High Level Play Looks Like In The Division


After having seen a ton of footage of what the early hours will look like in Tom Clancy’s The Division, we can now witness the challenge that awaits your progression. A new gameplay video featuring an almost level-maxed character shows off the content of the latter stages of the game, along with the tools you’ll have to face it.

Posted as an IGN First, the video features The Division‘s Game Director playing through an end-game, hard difficulty mission with a Level 27 character. After admitting early on in the video that the character is “a little overpowered” for the mission, following an easy encounter, the difficulty is ramped up to increase the challenge.


Once the difficulty is reset, it’s confirmed that the extra challenge does also offer up better loot as well as tougher enemies, and our narrator suggests it as the optimum setting if you’re going to be campaigning with a group.

When the action heats up we get to see the active and passive effects of some high level skills, giving all the more incentive to dive into The Division early and start upgrading as soon as possible. Incentive may not be entirely relevant, however, and the improved skills prove to be essential as the video closes with a particularly gruelling boss fight.

Tom Clancy’s The Division will soon be available, with its worldwide release set for March 8th.

Source: IGN