No More Heroes: Heroes Paradise Gets North American Release Date

North American PlayStation 3 owners can get their hands on Suda 51’s quirky third-person action game, No More Heroes: Heroes Paradise, this summer. The Move-enabled high definition port of the popular Wii third-person action game is set to hit our shores on August 16th. It’s set for release today in Europe.

The Japanese version of the game released late last year, without Move support. It is being re-released with the motion control support, under the new title of No More Heroes: Red Zone. Nothing else will be altered, other than the control capabilities, according to publisher Konami. It is the exact same game as the Western version of Heroes Paradise.

If you’ve never played No More Heroes before, do yourself a favour and check out Heroes Paradise when it’s available in your region. The original Wii version of the game was a great title. Hidden gem material, and one of this writer’s personal favourites.