Heroes Of Ruin Is Really Getting Released This Time

I’m not quite sure what that title is supposed to mean, given that Heroes of Ruin was scheduled for the end of the month here even before it got hit with a short delay. Regardless, the game is out today in Europe, here in NTSC land next month, and we’ve got a trailer to whet your appetite for more.

I’m still quite curious about this game. On paper, it should be fantastic, and very difficult to screw up. Even the skeptic in me is optimistic. Take a pinch of Diablo, add more customization, add some crazy yet teen friendly designs and throw it all on a handheld? I’ll try anything once!

The game will be out here on July 17, to be exact. Right in the middle of when everything else Square Enix is releasing comes to 3DS.

Sorry, the video is currently unavailable.

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