Hey, Nintendo Ambassador: Learn How To Download Your Free Games

From the looks of it, downloading the twenty free Nintendo Ambassador Program games will be an arduous process.

Nintendo recently added a how-to tutorial post onto its support page, which shows a step-by-step look at how qualified 3DS owners can unlock their free games tomorrow. Based on its complexity, a lot of people are surely going to need the help.

To download your free games, you will have to open the eShop, go into its Settings/Other menu and then select Account Activity. With us thus far? Good. The next process sounds a bit strange, as it requires gamers to click to ‘redownload’ each one of the games, despite the fact that it’ll be the first time they’re downloading each one.

It seems as if Nintendo has already gifted the games to each Ambassador’s account, as opposed to issuing code-based download vouchers for each title. Who knows if that is even possible on the 3DS?

For those who would like to keep track of the Nintendo Ambassador Program and its news releases, the gaming giant will have the Ambassador Certificate available for download. Instead of being a news feed like you’d image, the Certificate will actually be a video with touch-based icons users can click to get news updates regarding its games.

Interesting, wouldn’t you say?

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