Hideo Kojima Looking To Remake Metal Gear Solid With The Fox Engine



In an interview held during E3, Metal Gear series creator Hideo Kojima revealed that he and Konami are currently in the process of looking for a studio to remake the original Metal Gear Solid. While the beloved PlayStation title has already been re-mastered for the GameCube and later titles were given an HD update back in 2011, Kojima feels that it needs to be remade using his studio’s new Fox Engine. In addition, he did say that the remake would have to update most of the game’s original mechanics thanks to advances in technology.

Metal Gear Solid was released way back in 1998 on the original PlayStation and is considered by many to be one of the best video games of all time. Considering the severe limits that developers had back then, people were amazed to see how much detail and effort went into the title. The game was also the first to use the PlayStation console itself as part of the gameplay with one of the game bosses’ being able to read player’s memory cards and having to switch controller ports mid gameplay. Even to this day many modern day games are still heavily influenced by Metal Gear Solid’s use of 3D stealth gameplay.

While it is exciting that Kojima and Konami plan to update the classic title, the fact that they are in the process of searching for a studio means that the remake is still easily a good couple years or so away. In addition, as great as the PlayStation title is, Konami should also look at updating the original two Metal Gears which serve as the foundation story wise for Metal Gear Solid.

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Source: Gamereactor

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