Hideo Kojima Is Working On Tanks And Underwear

Yes, that’s the oddest headline I’ve written in quite a while. It seems Hideo Kojima is working on something new. We have no idea what it is, but he’s teasing us with a few impressive looking screenshots.

Okay, so maybe the screen above isn’t terribly impressive given we’ve seen what Kojima can do with soldiers and tanks. The much more interesting one is of two women’s backs.

Yes, that’s Kojima’s Fox Engine. It might look pretty damn good now, but consider that you can actually make out the white of the bra these women are wearing. That means that somehow, the Fox Engine has the ability to know certain cloth properties such as how see-through something is.

Or it’s just an awkward looking texture on top of the shirt. Can’t really tell unless we see it in motion.

What say you, gamers? What do you think Kojima is working on?

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