Hidetaka Miyazaki Fully Intends To Create Something More Popular Than Dark Souls

Dark Souls III Screenshot 4

Dark Souls and Bloodborne creator Hidetaka Miyazaki has said in a recent interview with Kotaku that he’s not intimidated by his own past successes with the famously difficult series, stating that he fully intends to make something that “surpasses the Souls series,” rather than rest easy in the knowledge that he’s responsible for one of this generation’s greatest franchises.

Miyazaki has frequently reiterated since the release of Dark Souls III that neither he or the rest of From Software intend to make another Souls game in the immediate future, as the studio wants to try their hand at something new. But despite Miyazaki’s apparent desire to distance himself from the RPG series, he admits to Kotaku that if, 10 years down the line, he’s still known primarily as the creator of Dark Souls, it wouldn’t bother him, as he’s not interested in how others view him.

To be honest, I’m really not interested on how I’m viewed as. The only thing I’m interested in is to keep creating something special. Whether that something is synonymous to me or not is really none of my concern.

With that said though, Miyazaki says that he “can’t deny the fact that the Souls series is something special to me, so I am happy to know that people have that sort of image of me. Even if that image stays with me, I have no intention of ending in a way where I couldn’t create a game that surpasses the Souls series. That would be pretty sad, wouldn’t it?”

Admirable words, to be sure, and hopefully ones that will come to fruition. It’s already common knowledge that From Software have three different titles in the works, but none of them have been revealed to public yet. Rumors suggest that one of them could be a game set in the Armored Core series, but we’ll just have to wait and see, won’t we?

When all is said and done though, Dark Souls isn’t finished just yet. Two DLC expansions are due to release for Dark Souls III, with one set to appear later this year and the other in early 2017.