Highlights Video From The Last Of Us Comic-Con Panel Has Been Released

It wasn’t just the character of Bill that was revealed at Naughty Dog‘s The Last of Us panel at this year’s Comic-Con. Attendees were also treated to hints about the direction the game’s narrative will take, discussions about the design process and granted a greater insight into just what survival means within the scope of the game.

The majority of us may have missed that panel, but we can now pretend that we didn’t due to the following 10 minute highlights video EU PlayStation Blog have just released.

The game’s focus on characterisation is once again stressed, the emergent aspects of the gameplay are as intriguing as ever and the insights into the minds of both the team and Ellie and Joel themselves are fascinating.

The Last of Us may be shaping up incredibly well, but with so much anticipation behind the project one has to wonder if it can survive all of the promises it has made.

Source: Joystiq

Sorry, the video is currently unavailable.