Hilarious ‘Grand Theft Auto Definitive Edition’ Bug Causes A Viral Stir

In the week following its release, gamers have uncovered no shortage of bugs, glitches, and other wonkiness in Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy—Definitive Edition. The remastered collection of Grand Theft Auto III, Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, and Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas released in such a sorry state that the PC version of the bundle was pulled from platforms upon launch (it’s available again).

There’s clearly a long road ahead for Grove Street Games, the developers of the trilogy. Right, because Rockstar didn’t actually handle the remasters. The definitive editions are more of a glorified port of the mobile versions of the three games released from 2012-2013 by Gainesville, Florida-based developer Grove Street Games. The outsourcing of ports and remaster work isn’t anything out of the ordinary, but considering the original versions of the three titles were pulled from online storefronts ahead of the Definitive Edition‘s release, players are upset that the trilogy of beloved titles was given such little care. 

Bugs have been circulating online all weekend, but the latest visually stunning issue to grab the attention of gamers on Twitter isn’t actually a sign of poorly handled development. In a viral tweet, @DarkwingDust69 shared that “in gta 3 if you wiggle your car it gets bigger for some reason.” Attached to the tweet is a video that grabbed the curiosity of almost a million viewers.

But despite the mess of remastering, this isn’t actually a new bug at all. The growing car is a visual consequence of the well-known “ghost car” glitch. In a follow-up tweet, @DarkwingDust69 admits the clip was taken from a 4chan post and, as others pointed out, is present in the original releases of Grand Theft Auto III. It seems to have persevered into the Definitive Edition’s port.

Several more users shared that the video was misleading and shouldn’t add to the hate. One user even shared a how-to guide recreating the glitch in the original game on YouTube

Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy—Definitive Edition is available on Xbox, PlayStation, Switch, and PC.