Hilarious Resident Evil 3 Mod Transforms Jill And Nemesis Into Fall Guys

Resident Evil 3

This year’s Resident Evil 3 may not have been as popular among the modding community as its predecessor, but that certainly doesn’t mean the survival horror remake has been left out in the cold entirely.

One talented individual, in fact, has just uploaded their latest creation over on Nexus Mods, and, without hyperbole, it could well be the best one yet. For those not aware of gaming’s latest viral hit, Mediatonic’s recently released battle royale, Fall Guys, has taken the industry by storm in just a few short weeks, not just for its addictive game show-inspired gameplay format, but for its extremely cute (and marketable) characters, the titular fall guys.

Naturally, this has led to masses of fan art from fans and companies alike appearing over on social media, each one envisioning what their ideal outfit for the jelly bean-shaped avatars would look like. Modder XxCRAZYPOTATOxX, on the other hand, has taken it upon themselves to transform Resident Evil 3‘s Jill Valentine and Nemesis into the adorable little critters.

Check out their handiwork via the gallery below:

Those that so wish can, of course, download the mod (link below) for their own personal use in-game and it’ll assuredly serve to elicit some hearty laughs during cutscenes. Nemesis receiving a skin graft in the form of a fall guy’s face is a neat touch, too.

In related news, Resident Evil Village, the long-awaited follow-up to 2017’s seventh mainline entry, is due to release sometime next year. Capcom is expected to share more details for the sequel in the form of a trailer before the current month is up, so keep your eyes peeled for further developments.

As for Fall Guys, WGTC’s own Billy Givens explains why you should be playing it right now over here. So if you haven’t yet dived in, be sure to check out his thoughts.