Hi-Rez Rolls Out New Maps And Changes For Tribes: Ascend

Tribes: Ascend is desperately trying to get my vote for Game of the Year. The free-to-play first-person shooter has been getting a great response from not only critics, but also the general gaming community and, of course, Hi-Rez Studios has been taking note of this success.

The studio’s latest update for the game fixes a few issues the community has been talking about, and also adds a few features. Its biggest change will come in the form of two additional maps that are making their way into the rotation: “Tartarus”, which is a new Capture The Flag map with a destroyed ship in the middle of the map serving as a hub, as well as “Hinterlands”, a new arena map in a lush jungle full of colorful plant life and pools of acid.

You can check out this video, in order to see all of the update’s changes.

How many of you are still out there with spinfusers? Leave a comment with your gamertag and I’ll meet you on the field of honor.

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