Hitman: Absolution Reveals New ‘Contracts’ Multiplayer Mode

Hitman: Absolution crept into this year’s Gamescom in order to detail the new ‘Contracts’ multiplayer mode, an asynchronous gameplay variant that sounds somewhat like a homicidal version of HORSE.

Within this ‘Contracts’ mode, it is left to players to craft their own scenarios and target whom they want with whatever weapon they choose. Competition against other players comes in the form of uploading the contract they just carried out and challenging others to complete them in less time and for more money.

IO Interactive also detailed some of the meta-game associated with the new mode. There will be weekly contract challenges, and the money you earn by completing them will give you advantages like beginning scenarios with certain weapons and disguises already available to you.

More of  ‘Contracts’ will emerge from the shadows as Gamescom continues. Hitman: Absolution will be on the floor with this murderous mode in action, and a video giving greater insight into the details of it is expected sometime tomorrow. For now, all we have are some new screenshots to show off and the intrigue that they, and the scant details we have so far, inspire.

Sorry, the video is currently unavailable.

Source: Joystiq