Hitman: Absolution Sniper Challenge Now Available In Canada

Here’s a huge bit of good news for a very specific group of people: if you happen to live in Canada, and you just can’t wait to start playing Hitman: Absolution, then your wish has been granted.

Gamers who reserve the game in Canada will be granted immediate access to the anticipated Sniper Challenge that comes as an additional mode separate from the main campaign. This deal is for both the normal and special editions of the game, so you shouldn’t have to shell out any extra bucks to get your hands on this mode.

Although Hitman: Absolution has come under fire for their scandalous nun trailer, it seems that excitement for the newest installment is still quite high, and the tantalizing pre-order bonuses are only fueling the excitement. Is anybody else ready to step back into the original assassin’s shoes?

Let us know if you’re ready for the next contract in the comments below!

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