New Hitman: Absolution Trailer Reveals Agent 47’s ICA File

Working under the theory that you can never have too many pre-launch trailers, Square Enix released a new Hitman: Absolution video today that gives us a peek at Agent 47’s International Contract Agency (ICA) file.

The ICA files trailers are a series of videos (featuring exclusive artwork from comic artist Ben Oliver) that provide background information on the main cast in Hitman: Absolution. In the case of Agent 47 this means that we are finally getting some details on the series’ mysterious protagonist.

Agent 47’s ICA file tells us that he came to the Agency needing no additional training, and quickly racked up a 100% mission success rating. At some point the Original Assassin is tasked with killing his long-time handler Diana Burnwood, however, once the deed is done 47 goes rogue and quickly finds himself on the other side of the Agency’s contract hit list.

Check out the Hitman: Absolution Agent 47 ICA File trailer below, and look for more ICA trailers before the game launches on November 20th for the PS3, Xbox 360 and PC.