This Hitman: Absolution Trailer Doesn’t Skimp On Intrigue

The world’s deadliest digital assassin is getting ready to make a return.

Hitman: Absolution, the next release in the popular stealth-action franchise, is headed to our favourite platforms thanks to Square Enix. It will bring deadly sneak attacks out of retirement, in visceral fashion, which is exactly what fans of the long-running series are looking forward to. After all; there’s a reason why the mysterious anti-hero, Agent 47, is so popular.

Last night’s Spike Video Game Awards saw the debut of a brand new trailer for Hitman: Absolution, which was full of just about everything 47 is known for. It shows the late night infiltration of a private hospital, where armed mercenaries are targeting a bed-ridden young woman. From the looks of it, the entire raid is over a golden medallion, which is shown at the beginning and end of the video. Thankfully, our favourite paid killer foils the plan…sort of.

The trailer certainly does its job of piquing players’ interest. Now, I want to know exactly what happened, as well as the significance of that golden medallion.

An official release date is not known at this time, but 2012 has been mentioned as Absolution‘s target release window.

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