Hitman Episode 3 Release Date To Be Announced This Week

Hitman Episode Two Screenshot 4

The third campaign episode for IO Interactive’s Hitman is due to get a firm release date at some point this week, the developer has announced. Following on from the launch day Intro Pack – which includes the Paris stage – and last month’s Sapienza level set in Italy, Agent 47’s third mission will take him to Marrakesh, Morocco in search of more disreputable people to assassinate.

If IO has managed to stick to the release schedule they outlined before the arrival of the Intro Pack, then Marrakesh should be with us before the end of May, but with just two weeks left until June, it might be possible that the date has slipped by a week or so, but hopefully not – we’ve been itching for more creative sandbox killing opportunities since the excellence of Sapienza.

Even if there is a delay incoming, there should be no shortage of content for players to enjoy while they wait,. The second of Hitman‘s time-sensitive Elusive Contracts is due to go live on May 27, and will feature The Congressman. Like before, you’ll only have a limited window in which to eliminate the target and failure will result in you being locked out of retrying.

If you want to stay up-to-date with all of IO Interactive’s upcoming plans for Hitman, you can visit the game’s official website by clicking here.