Hitman HD Collection Contract Uncovered


A Hitman HD Collection comprised of Hitman 2: Silent Assassin, Hitman 3: Contracts and Hitman: Blood Money has been uncovered on Italian retail site 16 Games. This PS3 only listing has been assigned a launch date of October 15th, giving you plenty of time to clear the chamber before Hitman: Absolution hits on November 20.

The product description on the site, as translated by Eurogamer, reads:

“Enter a world of crime, sin and greed. Penetrate deeper into the recesses of the mind of Agent 47, the world’s deadliest assassin. Remaining anonymous, being quick and totally ruthless: these are the keys to a perfect execution,”

“Follow Agent 47 while executing orders on behalf of slum-living criminals or on behalf of the highest summits of power. Nothing is important except the target.”

There may not be any leather-clad nuns to be found here, but this collection represents some of the most refined achievements in assassination-based gaming one could experience. Priced at $37, this is one contract you won’t have to garotte anyone to obtain.

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